Khloe Kardashian supports rape culture and took the "clap back" too far | @KhloeKardashian

If you are asking me I think that Khloe Kardashian supports rape culture before you get all upset just let me explain..

First off she was willing to tweet the genitals of a stranger to attack another woman online. She used the photo in an attempt to shame Chloe Moratz. .Remember the Stanford rapist sent photos of his victim to his friends to further victimize his victim. 

Here we can see an attempt by Khloe k to victimize moratz by shaming her sexuality and blasting her genitals online. This goes under the penal code of California 647j aka invasion of privacy case note is the one I  where a dude filmed up 12 girls skirts without consent even without their faces he went to jail.

Yeah its against the law. Khloe...

I do not care what Chloe Moratz said to Khloe Kardashian  ( Called them assholes...) this is just wrong wrong wrong wrong.

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