Maria Ruiz is a Scammer /Liar / Fraud | @MariaLaMetida

Hey guys it's Sharika Soal aka Lady Soal aka Lady Thriller... Maria keeps using my blog, my name , my celebrity friends etc .... Let me get right to the point.

Maria stole money from me this morning she claims she took "back" the money for an event that I was invited to not her... As I am a media personality and work with celebs and Hollywood types it is normal for me to be invited to these types of events and functions.

I have been a PR for 5 years and have over 9 years of experience in the media field.  I won't get too much into that.

Maria is claiming to everyone that she gave me money for an event. Maria did not give me money for an event in fact I helped Maria raise 4500 plus dollars and never demanded a dime. I did ask that Maria use the funds to cover my lost wages which can be seen on the gofund me account that she has raised funds through.

Friday at 9 37 am PST is the day Maria sent me the money for what she claims was for an event when in reality I told Maria I did not have a sitter and was not going because my son is 7... Maria had no issue with this. When she sent me money I let her know it was for my car the text message is below.... and other proof of our works together.  Maria was caught lying California Assembly member Cristina Garcia agreeing to meet with us. When she texted me the lie I had had enough.  She has failed to book a flight. I talk to the woman everyday....  She booked 2 flights and then claims to have canceled them both... Maria is having a fit because she was confronted on a lie that was fed to me " her publicist" to cover up the fact she won't be traveling to California on the day she has told everyone she would.

She probably has the money now since I am no longer going to be traveling on this trip... However the woman is fraud. If she could rob her publicist who has helped her for months it says a lot about her true character. I for one as a survivor am disgusted.    I am sorry to all the people who donated money for the both of us. Maria did not give me access to the funds and no one needs 5k to fly to california and sit at an office but many people have pointed that out to me and I am sorry I did not head them when warned.  I am glad I could put famous faces to a worthy cause. The movement will go on but it won't be because of people like Maria Ruiz.  

The Impeach Persky petition is literally being ran by a woman who just stole from a sexual assault survivor.

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