New Artist Rapper Oz Drops New Video “She’s Gone” Prod. By C-Sick

Rap artist Oz gets real personal in the new single “She’s Gone”. This mid-tempo ode to a young love will take many listeners down a familiar path, reminiscing on past relationships that just didn’t go as planned. Oz is talking to a young lady in the song, expressing to her that the issues they had in their past are old news, and he’s trying to make things right again. The rapper declares that he has been going through some things, how he has felt lost without her, and how he would be so much happier if he could share the luxuries of his career with this special someone. The video follows this love rollercoaster, from start to finish. The video opens with Oz laying in bed alone, realizing that she’s not there. Over the course of the video we witness a playback of their time together and apart, with interruptions from Oz, on the phone with the woman, telling her that choosing someone over him is a mistake, and he is hell bent on making it up to her. Oz confesses that he is done with the games and is ready to get it right one last time.

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