The Bake Shop Always Delivers! Artist Spotlight: Bakery | @Mass_Bake

Progression and growth are 2 key elements that can help an artist go from just a rapper to a brand.

Brockton, Mass emcee, Bakery, has shown great strides in all aspects of his brand since his first mixtape, Car Keys and Exotic Trees, which features Street Fam's own, Freck Billionaire.

As the music began to bubble, #TeamBake, the brand began to blossom concurrently on its own. Throughout Massachusetts you could find #TeamBake clothing on people who didnt even know the music, thus garnering fans on both fronts.

Fast forward to 2015 and Bakery delivers, Lost in the Matrix, a 7 track E.P, that is conceptual and a major step up from the first release,  touching on so many needed topics for a hip hop head

The growth in songwriting, story telling and the ability to switch flows has made Bakery an artist to watch.

Next stop; Untitled, a new mixtape that began as an idea and quickly flourished into a project. 

Stay tuned for new music off of, Untitled, soon and in the meantime, enjoy "Voice of the Streets", off of Lost In The Matrix

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