The Road Trip 2016 - The Digital Culture @NickieLeeRose via @iamsilviav_

Four friends from New York City turned an interesting idea into something real. They decided to take a road trip to California. This was just something that they had seen in movies or heard stories from other adventurous and free lived people. Not only did they do it for the chance to take, but more so for The Culture. So many people today rarely get the opportunity to explore outside of their country, region, state, city, or even their neighborhood. Many of those people come from where they come from. Several others have never seen so many acres of green land with other animals roaming freely. Believe it or not, some did not think it was possible to drive from New York City to Los Angeles, but they did it.
To them, there is no place like New York City.
Take the trip with The Digital Culture as they share with you the time they spent on the road along with the moments they spent in 5 cities.

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