Chonique Sneed – “On My Time” | @chosneed

LA native, Chonique Sneed, a true renaissance woman in every sense of the word, has been entertaining the masses since she was a little girl. She’s used her insurmountable talent to help everyone from Christina Milian and Britney Spears to Kevin Hart and Jay-Z enhance their visual aesthetic, and now it’s Chonique’s time to shine. In just one short year, Chonique released “Let It Go”and saw it skyrocket as TV shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and East Los High used Cho as the voice of their 2015 seasons. In addition to television exposure, “Let It Go” was the lead song for the film Born To Dance, , and Chonique was also featured on Spotify’s “Discovery playlist” after “Let It Go” garnered more than 500,000 streams. Fresh off the heels of her massively successful debut, Cho is prepping for the release of her new EP, On My Time: The 3P, but not before she shows her lyrical prowess with her third single ” Too Bright.” Due later 2016, Chonique’s anticipated On My Time: 3P is a harbinger of the success Chonique’s future holds.

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