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Lady Thriller Entertainment New Exclusive Interview With The Few

1. How long have you guys been doing music?


2. What do you feel your music brings different to the marketplace?

Lots of Style, High energy, Witty lyrics and A twist on cultural flavor (our look)

3. How did you guys come up with the name "The few" and what does it mean to your guys?

In conversion, we discussed how we feel like being true/real is rare and we decided that we'd go by the Few for that very reason. We're rare. Not a lot of use left in this world and for the ones that feel like we do can also call themselves The Few.

4. Who are you top three favorite artist of this time and why?

Chance the rapper, because he's so young but super positive in his music. Rare.
Kendrick Lamar, because of what he stands for. He's seems to be all about the culture and the ppl. Very lyrical.
Drake, because he makes hit after hit. He knows how to balance giving the ppl substance and having fun. Great music.

5. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years within this music industry?

Doing what we love. Creating Music, clothing, art, jobs etc. superstars.

6. You guys just dropped a video for your song called "Moves." What is the concept behind that video and who came up with this idea?

We both came up with the concept. The video begins wit a fight club scene then we hit the streets of Atlanta. We wanted it to be fun, relatable but still interesting.

7. How big of a part does your environment play in the music that you guys create?

It plays a major part. It's where we get the majority of our inspiration.

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