Randy P - Demon$ [Video] | @JuiceHarden

I love a video with a treatment. These days in music video it’s all about being in a cool location doing performance shots. That’s cool but everyone does that. Randy P creates a masterpiece and a deep story. Remember listening to Jay Z where he would paint a picture in your head. The video from Randy P called “Demon$” is being slept on. Dude tells a deep story about a female being abused in a relationship. To the fact it get so bad she gets shot. We all got to die but it doesn’t have to be in slaughter. The next story talks about his homie that wanted to hit the block. With just having dreams of being a rap star and having the wrong friends. Shot ring out on the streets for slanging in the streets. Also pay attention to the hook. For the female story in the back drops you hear a female. When it flips to the story about the guy. You’ll hear a guy voice in the back drops of the hook. Very deep song and video. Bottom line guns are part of it all. Much respect to Randy P for dropping this one.

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