Ray Illa x Dough From Da Go-Thē Illustrious | @RayiLLa @DoughFromDaGo

A lot of cities around the country have the same issue; a lack of a distinct sound.

Chicago never had that issue. Chi-Town was always easily distinguished by the smooth, laid back, pimp-esque instrumentals that laid the groundwork for many street classics.

Nowadays. Chicago is credited for the "Drill" movement. 

Luckily, Ray Illa is an old school, true to his soil emcee. Last year Ray delivered "Situations", an EP that had a concept and feel that would make Twista and Do or Die proud.

"Thē Illustrious" is Ray's brand new single off of his next project in conjunction with Executive Producer, Dough From Da Go.

There's certain levels to life and very few will reach the lavish levels of Thē Illustrious. We all hit the pavement running, chasing the dream of having all the finest things in life.

Let "Thē Illustrious" motivate you to get to it.

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