The Boy Illinois Checks Back in With Sway in The Morning, Kicks off Tour with Lupe Fiasco & releases new Music “Paper” ft. Lyriq

After several months off from his previous tour, The Boy Illinois is back again gunning for “Rookie of the Year” in hip hop. While working on his upcoming release “Home Court Advantage,” “Illi” has been making noise throughout the city and the country. Hitting a total of 28 cities on tour with Lupe Fiasco, Illi is still busy cooking up new music. He recently sat down with Sway on Sirius XM and discussed being on tour, his new music, vegan lifestyle & more. 

He dropped new single “Paper” ft. Lyriq and is prepping to drop singles leading up to his project "Home Court Advantage," following up the Tour. Paper is the perfect representation of this track, Illi kicks off the song with the melodic hook & smooth flow. This song speaks to the independent woman, making money and moves, Lyric elevates the content not judging how she gets it whether it be on the pole or boardroom. Their back and forth responses, shows an organic chemistry between Lyric and The Boy Illinois. The lazy cadence and R&B feel of the song, gives it an easy listen, but follows up with a breakdown at the end of the song.

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