TheRealEWILLZ – 6 Hours [Ep] |@TheRealEWILLZ

The Real E Willz is living his life like a movie. And from the opening record off of his new project “6 Hours”. His record “Movie” is turnt. He has a worldwide sound, where the radio could relate. Sounds like something that could be played in the club today. The record called “Looking” has that Wayne Wonder vibe once the beat starts. Pretty impressive, and the hook is pretty catchy. Sounds like a hit if you ask me. His next record “Hooked” will fuck up the strip club. When I’m saying that, it’s in a good way. Strippers would rock to it. The Real E Willz has talent for sure. Being honest the world is sleeping on this kid. Do yourself a favor and check out his latest EP “6 Hours”

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