Yac House Entertainment Presents (@PhillyTheBoss) - '96 Draft via @iamsilviav_ @svmarketings

Coming off of rave review of a showcase thrown by their own label that featured other hot upcoming artists like Lee Mazin, Kur & Nat Anglin, as well as a write up from the A3C music festival itself in regards to their performance being a show stealer on the Veli Brand stage, Yac House Artists Gedo, Newz Huddle, I-Know Brasco as well as Wise Vega seem to be here to stay with this banger '96 Draft. It provides the nostalgic feel of the '90s with a modernized gritty, yet catchy feel to it. Yac House isn't a group, it's a label/brand with 4 solid rappers that stand firmly in the lanes they've created and '96 Draft shows and proves.
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CEO: @PhillyTheBoss

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