Donelle the towns village idiot

You know that sometimes I have to write stories about people just because
My friend a very close one met this man named Donelle. ...

He seemed chill He did and said all the things he needed to say to trick my friend. Luckily I am  a savage and I don't play with my friends. He lives off of and he prays on women and he is the scum the earth.

Ladies please protect yourself. There are so many dirty ass men in the world and you don't need to subject yourself to trash ever.  Know your worth and  keep scum the fuck away from you

He is black which makes it even more sad because black people should treat each other much better and this why there is no unity

Any man who prays on women knowing that is their intention is a sociopath and worse than a pedophile. They don't care who they hurt. They do what they do and go on about life

My friend will heal but I had to blog this out. If you see a black man in Califronia City Ca where ever that is lol ... and he tells you his name is Donelle RUN LIKE HELL!!!!!

He is a bad bad person and the things he did to my friend KARMA WILL  show him one day.
Oh and if you wanna call and you been fucked over before and cuss him out his number is 661-522-1829   call him.

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