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Get To Know T-Qron

Hailing from tourist heaven, Hawaii by way of Las Vegas, this emcee made a name for himself as a promoter and then as a highly respected emcee. 
With a Passion, determination and drive that led him to move to the mainland in order to chase his dreams, T-Qron shows not even an obstacle as big as the ocean can stop him. 
1. Peace T-Qron where are you from? 
 Honolulu, Hawaii is where I was born and raised, right in the grimiest part of downtown, Chinatown area.
2.How did you get the name T-Qron?
It's a bit of a long story. Basically, it was given to me by two of my then, best friends, one of which died several years ago at a young age in a car wreck. I dropped out of High School in the 11th grade and started working at McDonald's at the age of 15 because no one else would hire me that young with a workers permit. I met two local brothas from Hawaii, one names Richard and the other, Kaipo. I was initially labeled the "McQRONik" because I find have a "rap name" yet, and I used to rap to customers in the drive thru and provide them with "Organic Therapy" with their Big Mac Meals, if you know what I mean, I was slangin' trees out that window, ya dig? 
So that's what they started calling me. "The McQRONik".. That changed one day cus I HATED it, then Richard called me "MC T-KRON because my name is Terrence, and I liked to smoke a lot of trees at the time like a "chronic" smoker would, hence the "KRON" part .. I dropped the "MC" part of it and kept the "T-KRON".. Now, the "K" turned into a "Q" after a co-worker a few laters at this call center I worked at, told me, "Change the K to a Q because your last name starts with a Q, so it has more significance"... And since that day, I kept it as "T-QRON"... It's also an acronym, and stands for "Tactically Questioning Rappers Over Negligence". 
3. How did you first get into hip hop?
 I was into Michael Jackson HEAVY around the age of 10. At the age of 11, I discovered Dr. Dre on MTV and it turned my WHOLE life up upside down. You see, I am pure Pakistani, and my father is a dick head who DESPISED rap music, therefore, til this day, he hates me. Which if fine, I could give a fuck. The West Coast Gangsta Rap movement was big in my Walkman at the time. I evolved into liking East Coast MC's as well, and then came Bone Thugs N Harmony. I used to mimic Bone Thugs verses in the 6th grade and kids was like, "Hey Terrence, so do you write your own songs too?"... And I say there like, "Nah", cus I didn't know how to at that time. I was only good at other people's songs, not my own. That changed around the age of 14 when I started freestyling all the time, then at the age of 16, in 1999, I recorded my first track titled "It Ain't Fair", which I have never released, and probably never will. Lol .. 
4. Who was your first favorite rapper and why?
  I never really had a favorite rapper, I just listened to Rap until 2Pac hit my ear drums. I'd have to say 2Pac for sure. From the moment I heard Pac's voice, the pain, the message he was trying to convey, the passion, I was drawn in to his music. Me Against The World was my first actual 2Pac album, after that, I went back and purchased his first couple of joints.
5. Hows the hiphop scene in Hawaii? 
Crab-In-A-Bucket Mentality, is what most of the scene employs. It's sad, but no one wants the other rapper to eat better. I'm not gonna go too much more into detail cus cats be on that, "Oh he degrading his own hometown" .. Nah B, I'm just telling it like it is! .. I don't sugar coat anything. 

6. Why did you move to Las Vegas? 
-Because I had to escape "Paradise Ugly" AKA Honolulu, Hawaii. I label it that because I represent the flip-side of that beautiful Hawaiian postcard everyone falls in love with, that entices them to visit my home. Take a vacation, but no more. Stay long enough, and if you ain't making that BIG MONEY, that island will suck the life outta you in so many ways. I had many other reasons as well. I was Hawaii's most notorious and accomplished Rapper/Promoters in their entire history. No other independent rapper produced and executed as many successful Hip Hop concerts and events as T-QRON has. I partnered up with many investors and sponsors throughout the years and mad some epic events happen, and Hawaii, eventually, became too small for me. 
I did shows with Nas, DMX, Lil Wayne, 3-6 Mafia, Trey Songz, Wiz Khalifa, DJ Drama, DJ Premier and SO many others, made and lost so much money, and I ended up "Plateauing" .. I couldn't go no higher. I did all there was to do, and set the bar so high, others couldn't even come CLOSE to what I did for that island, even til this day. Basically, I left because I felt like the walls were closing in, and I needed to "Destroy & Rebuild". I decided to move to Las Vegas in February 2014, after doing my first major show off the island with DJ Premier in Chicago in October of 2013. That show in Chicago was eye-opening because I got more love in Chi-Town in 7 daysof being there, versus nearly 7 YEARS in Hawaii from "My Own" people, feel me?.. That's what made me leave. I had to. I realized that there was nothing left for me to accomplish in Hawaii. I have business partners here in Vegas. Sin City is now my home base. 

7. We see you have a good relationship with King Crooked. How did yall hook up?
 It was actually a plug thru his really good friend, the man who did The Game's first couple of album covers, Jaycee of Circle Of Bosses(C.O.B.) .. Jaycee and I started chopping it up on twitter for a bit, and I had just recorded a lot of material before leaving Hawaii, and I thought to myself, "Yo, forget a DJ to host my next Mixtape, I'm an MC, and I want one of the BEST MC's in the world to host my shit" ... And that's when I contacted Jaycee, told him to get Crooked to peep some of the material I was working on, Crook loved what he heard, gave me the stamp of approval and co-sign, and the rest was history.. I dropped Tha QRONiCals Mixtape Vol. 2 "Paradise Ugly" Hosted By Crooked I in February of 2015

8. What do you think about the current state of Hiphop? 

9. Who's your favorite new artist?
 None of them new cats, I can't STAND listening to about 90% of the new cats.. The ONLY one I can fucks with is Desiigner, and WHY?.. Cus he represents New York. I am SO happy to see New York back in the spotlight like that in the mainstream cus the South been had a grip on the game for a LONG TIME. I'm a huge NY Rap fan, a lot of my favorite MC's hail from NY, so I'm just happy to see Desiigner holdin' it down! 
10.Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
I will probably not be rapping. I will instead be running my own label and own franchised businesses like restaurants and get some of that Rick Ross Wing Stop type paper, ya dig?.. 

11. Your "Paradise Ugly Part 2" mixtape did well are you dropping another project anytime soon? 
Absolutely! The next installment of the QRONiCals Mixtape series, Vol. 3 - "Therapy" is close to completion as far as the recording process. Then of course, comes the mixing and mastering, etc.. Give me a few more months y'all. It WILL be out soon!  
12. How can the people stay in tune and contact with you? 
-All kinds of ways.. Shit, they can reach me on my website Facebook, just search for "T-QRON". Also, Twitter and Instagram @T_QRON. They can email me at for business inquiries and bookings. They can call or text me at 808-738-6313 for ANYTHING. I make it very easy for My People to get in touch, and stay in touch with me.

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