@GoodbyeTomorrow Debuts New Single “Every Day” and Launches New Website

A group comprised of a rappers and producers, “Every Day” confirms their signature, consistent track record of releasing great music, with a dope, inviting hook, that allows you to create your own meaning of the single.“Every Day” talks about the opportunity of a new beginning, the hustle and the struggle. Lead vocalist Preme ties in the hook to relate to the identity of anyone working toward their dreams and getting another chance “Every Day.” More than a motivation song, the lyrics speak about rebirth, the truth, and living your own destiny. The production carries the hook’s tempo, making the vocals sound like an added instrument into the melody.

The website is an art project in itself created by hand entirely by the Goodbye Tomorrow’s lead creative director, Preme, with hundreds of gifs, easter eggs and secrets about Goodbye Tomorrow. The site has great fan interactives and will be a great example of what many major brands will model their sites after in the near future. Check out “Every Day” on Goodbye Tomorrow’s New Website: http://goodbyetomorrow.com

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