Scoot ft Balmain "My Whoadie" | @ItzScoot

Scoot is repping New Jersey to the fullest. He actually has a new project coming really soon called “SC007”. James Bonds was a big influence for the project. His new record “My Whoadie” is a banger for sure. This one is for the gang gang and the records features Balmain. Chilling in the crib with a few bills. That’s how Scoot living, dont ask if that’s the homie. Understand Scoot is kicking it with his Whoadies. The record is produced by Taz Taylor and Bricc Flair. Very catchy hook that will have you up and dancing. Scoot really has a banger on his hands with this one. Hopefully he will push this one all the way to the top! Check it out streaming below.

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