Tony Moxberg x Fabolous x Remo the HitMaker-Wutcha Wanna Do?!! Remix | @TonyMoxberg @myfabolouslife @remothehitmaker

Tony Moxberg has been garnering great hype over the years, whether it be on his solo releases or his affiliation with the mighty, mighty D-Block. Tony is also known for opening up for every major artist that passes through Connecticut and the crowds will tell you, Mox holds his own.

Mox has been featured on and has created records with many big names but "Wutcha Wanna Do?!! Remix" may be the biggest of them all.

Mox enlists Fabolous for the remix which already is produced by Remo the HitMaker, which takes the record from a hit to an absolute smash!

Enjoy "Wutcha Wanna Do?!! (Remix)" below!!

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