$upah #CŚOT [Project] | @Supah504

$upah is repping that Louisiana to the fullest. His project #CSOT caught so much attention on Soundcloud. $upah and his label 9ine5iveRecordz is blazing on fire. My favorite record from the project is “Who?” which is banging. Very catchy record. The project has 7 songs on it, pretty good length. The project is a art project actually $upah created from the song “Who?“. $upah music has a deep thought to it. Very complex to the point you have no choice to call it being original. Another record that will catch your ear is “R&D”. It’s very unorthodox but in a good way. Hopefully he will do a video to that one. Really could blow up and go viral. The song sound likes it would not have a video to it. Those are the ones that always blow up. All around $upah is ready to take it to the top! Check out these few words for $upah himself below. A 2 Week Art Project put in play by myself after creating my first track…Who? 2 weeks 2 paint eye dope picture of my experience with in these 2 weeks, Eye appreciate (All) Opinions Please, Give Feedbacl & Share – $upah this all me

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