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(New Exclusive Interview) Bigg Z Talks Music With Lady Thriller Entertainment

1. How Long Have You Been Doing Music?

Since I was about 15

2. How Did You Get The Name Bigg Z?

Because I did a mixtape when I was 18 and I had a rhyme and it said its an "R- O to the Z" and everyone started calling me "to the Z" after that. After I took a federal vacation everyone called me Bigg Z

3. What Does The Name Bigg Z Means To You?


4. Breakdown your style and sound, and how you came up with it?

I rap about stuff I really did and its no style or sound. I'm just putting my life in words that rhyme. My attitude and swag that’s all organic. I'm not one of those guys who thought they were just that nigga who is like this just because they got famous. I'm just being me

5. You Just Dropped A Killer Record Called "Diamonds." What is the concept behind this record and how long did it take you to record it?

 It took me 30 min to record because once again it was easy. It was all we thought about when we were kids and growing up....the money....the cars.... the girls.... I just painted the picture of how I came up and got those things.

6. You are an artist that is on the raise. Breakdown the day to day grind of the music industry?

Its hard because I was really living this so there is nobody behind the scenes putting money behind me. Everything I am doing is out of my pocket and funded by me. Nobody is backing you, you are paying for this stuff yourself and got mouths to feed too so you have to get on your extra grind to make this happen

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Taking over the world chico and everything in it

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