Year in Review: Dame Grease produces over 300 Records! | @DameGrease

Legendary Harlem produced, Dame Grease, has a resume that not too many can compare to. Often times Dame gets lost in the shuffle when the discussion of Greatest Produced of All Time comes up but make no mistake, Dame is responsible for many of your favorite emcees, past and present.

Whether it be his hand in the early careers of stars like DMX, Mase, Cam'ron, The Lox, Max B or his help in building up newer artists like Mall G, E-Moe, C-Jenkz, Riff Raff and countless others.

In 2016, Dame had goals to break a Guiness World Record for most records produced in a year. No official count yet, however Dame has been responsible for over 300 records made in 2016.

The catalog for 2016 included everyone from Wiz Khalifa, Lil Flip, The Lox, Joe Young, DMX, Prodigy, Alpac and many many others.

Major Salute to The Goon Boss on a massively successful 2016!

Enjoy some hits below!

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