Burl Dollah-G.M.A (Prod. by Motif Alumni) (Video) | @BurlDollah @AlumniMotif @PromoEnterprize

New York, New York big city of Bars

Enter G.M.A representative, Burl Dollah.

Burl made waves last year with his Q9 Vlog series and his smash, Million Dollar Baby, featuring and produced by Motif Alumni garnering blog shine and radio spins.

Fast forward to now and both Burl and Motif are on newer levels than just a few months ago. Burl has been gearing up to unleash and Motif has steadily been racking up credits from a lot of big dogs.

"G.M.A" is a simply Burl Dollah on his bully beat down ish and Motif delivers the perfect soundtrack with crisp strings and snares to intensify the mood.

Check out "G.M.A" below!

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