Chaz - That 70's Flow (@justforchaz)

Sacramento, CA native Chaz just dropped a tune called “That 70’s Flow”. It’s as classic as it is fly and real. Chaz has been grinding at this music thing for a minute now. In the last year though, he’s definitely progressed immensely and has definitely found his flow, his sound. In regards to the track, Chaz says…

“I made this track cuz I noticed myself complaining a lot about the way society works these days. Relationships, meeting new people, and following your dreams are so heavily focused on social media now and how the Internet sees you. Fuck all that. I grew up in the 90s so I obviously don’t know what the 70s were like, but from what I’ve heard; I feel like I grew up in the wrong era. Nowadays more people cheat, more people hate, and a lot more people are envious of others because of social media. I had fun with this one. This is how I would live my life if I grew up in the 70s. Straight hippied out surrounded by love with no cell phone or distractions. Just pure fun times.”

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