Tiffany Savage (@MsTiffanySavage) - SP17 (Mixtape)

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Hailing from Northwest Washington, D.C., Tiffany Savage unleashes her brand new mixtape titled SP17. The tape’s title is synonymous for the approaching season that’s ahead. While shooting and exploring in Paris, Tiffany conjured up lots of inspiration. She's unapologetic, delivering hard-hitting, sh*t-talking spars. SP17 is a tantalizing glimpse of Tiffany's sophisticated aggression. The mood is reminiscent of Josephine Baker’s first time posing nude for a famous painter in Paris. Baker was initially shy and a little modest but after realizing how powerful her nudity was, her savage was awakened and more visible than ever before. Hip-hop heads worldwide gather around and get your hit  of Tiffany's authentic lyricism, gutty attitude, and savage awakening.

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