Kenzie “Six-Seven-’94” | @KenzieTarantino

Atlanta MC Kenzie is back with his new project “Six-Seven-94”. The project is pretty solid and not to many tracks. It’s really something to sit down and listen to. Got to pay attention to every line. The opening record PSA is a message to the world. Stop listening to society is what you get from it. Records like “Ain’t No Way” shows another side of Kenzie. He speeds up the flow and hops on a Texas sounding beat. My favorite record is “VI.VII.XCIV”.. Im sure your like wtf, is this guy talking about. But it’s a record on the project. Soon as you hear it you’ll get that early eastcoast 90’s hip hop vibe. Great record. Overall the project is solid. Kenzie is showing progression and could turn out to be a Wale. Check out the project below.

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