Pooch Drops New Sounds @Pooch_papi

Born in Haiti raised by a single mother, after moving to Orlando in 2005 with his auntie Errod better known as Pooch born on October 18th is a recording artist/DJ/Producer/Writer and much more. Pooch recorded his first song in 2008. At the time he was attending an alternative school due to expulsion for having a weapon on campus. One day after school he went to an acquaintance house and recorded his first song in the living room on a headset microphone. At the time his stage name was GMoney. Flash forward 4 years to 2012 he was living with his brother and his cousin who was a musically skilled producer and from there they started recording parody songs which they never put out, and that's when he realized his strong point was creating hooks. Present day he is signed to Brain Matter Records as a writer and artist. Pooch is now one of Brain Matter Records' star players with his first single titled "roses" which can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, tidal and so on, he recently just released his second single on Soundcloud that one is title "on me" his career is about to be on a skyrocket!

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