Allegedly The Califonia CIty CA Police Dept Forgot How To Protect And Serve

Normally when a person files a rape complaint evidence is collected same day as well as a follow-up call from a detective within another few days. My mother worked for DCI as a criminalist and that DETAIL is just not something you forget. The evidence part at least, but something seems off in a ghost town that most have never heard of. 

Allegedly the police in California City, CA  are taking rape incident reports and acting as if they were never reported. Can you imagine being the victim of a rape or domestic abuse or even worse your child being harmed and a police walking in and taking a report never to hear from them again?

Rape is a complex and extremely difficult situation. I know as I ran the1.3 million signature Brock Turner impeach pesky petition and outed the California Assembly for inaction as well as helped get the sexual assault survivor bill passed that was signed by Barack Obama. I even played a major role in getting Gov Jerry Brown to abolish the statute of limitation with my clients  Beth and Helen One thing that bothers me the most about the stories I hear from this quaint town is that the people are all zombies including the police. They live in this closed off state of reality where no one is famous or has any accolades because, for the most part, the town is full of ex-prisoners and pedophiles not to mention people who probably shouldn't have children. So they are desensitized to what a good human looks like as they have all become their surroundings.  

A woman reported a rape to a police officer and to protect both parties I will just keep it vague as to not start too much of a backlash at least not right away, on a little Police Department who thinks they are immune to public backlash for mistreating people.  The woman was subjected to reporting her rape in a great detail Allegedly she was told she would hear from a detective or the responding officer within a few days that woman never heard from that officer and was told by dispatch which was dangerously close from what I am being told as if no one believed her.  I wonder how may people have been raped, molested, murdered, abused and this department has ignored the incident?  Why do they even have that badge? No matter what the case report of rape would be taken extremely seriously to not communicate with a victim is a crime to humanity this is why women don't talk until it's too late, This is why Orgs like BLM which we all know I have been in the news for weeks concerning them ... are extremely anti- police as much of America it seems is also becoming uneasy however I do not agree they are all bad however from what I have heard about them I do think this particular Department doesn't give a shit about the town or the people in it

This story is still developing as I have to get more info but as I am close to the alleged victim I had to pose the question. Do these police officers in California city, CA think they are above any form of backlash for poor service and refusing to protect and serve?  

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