Hip Hop, Graffiti and Sneakers

It’s been almost 30 years now since hip-hop, graffiti and sneakers all existed comfortably in the same community. In terms of personal expression and art, customizers and designers of sneakers are taking a similar approach to the early graffiti artist, where you can put anything on your canvas. Graffiti and Rap are all about expression and the forerunners in the rap scene were mixing their personal styles with logos and brand heavy pieces. As a matter of fact, the sneaker was a huge part of having their aesthetics customized. While hip hop and Nike seem like their old-time friends, they were not necessarily the early kicks hip hop heads collected first. German footwear giant Adidas in 1985 became associated first with the New York City rap scene by way of “Kings of Rock,” also known as Run-D.M.C. Sneakers of today are a signature and popular as gators of yesteryear. These days it is impossible to think of the world of trends in fashion without thinking of sneakers. Whether its classic leather, mesh material, retro-design or straight from the department of sports the range of the sneaker is greater than ever before. This however appeals to the hearts and minds of the fashion-conscious sneaker wearers. Many of today’s biggest Sneaker Celebrities like DJ Khalid, Eminem, DJ Clark Kent, Mark “Jump man” Bostic, 50 Cent, DJ Clue and Kenny G aka “The Perfect Pair” store their collections in separate sneaker rooms. Yes I repeat separate sneaker rooms! not just closets. Collectors and the normal sneaker wearer are always looking out for the best ways to keep their collections clean and to see that these collections are managed properly. A true sneaker head will go for nothing but the best money can buy. There are several sneakers cleaning products on the market that individuals go to for help to manage their collections. Tight Wipes is a sneaker cleaning company from Staten Island, New York and is gaining major traction in the footwear cleaning marketplace with their sneaker wipes. Tight Wipes is the latest, easiest, way to keep all your sneakers looking as good as new. The ultimate in convenience and it happens to be a top of our list. For so long, kicks and hip-hop have been coexisting, simply put, “There is no hip hop without sneakers and vice versa” and art is the expression that fuels the design of the new sneakers to come!

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