K Noble - Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Success - https://soundcloud.com/muzikalmenacerecords/k-noble-pursuit-of-success-ft-add-2

Pursuit of Success can be considered one of K Noble's "Favorites" produced by Sen Beatz, the single kicks off with the familiar sample of Anita Baker "Will You Be Mine." K Nobles message parallels with Add-2 who is featured on the track, with a motivational message "gotta make a killing if you wanna make a living," all the wild spitting over the groovy beat. The duo is reminiscent of an AZ & NaS collab and how they tag team the beat and the similar flow sprinkled with Chicago. Pursuit of Success puts the listener in a mentality to get up, get out and do something and be productive in whatever you do. With the positive message, upbeat flow, this makes up why hip hop represents a beacon of hope for the hood.

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