LadySoal PR Domains: Hoping To Empower Millennials

No really. I would probably be a homeless drug addicted prostitute if not for computers and Youtube teaching me how to build websites.... well that is a tad extreme to say but dude... seriously. The internet has been a massive tool that has been a stabilizing force in my life.
I obviously love computers and pretty much always have as soon as I discovered there was this game called the Oregon Trail... I was fascinated and blah blah blah.. but here is my point. So many people say they can't when in reality they won't or are more afraid of the path to crisis and victory that every successful person deals with. 

Yes, that is all. Either you are a person who is aware that getting there means climbing walls and fighting off bears and twitter trolls. I don't judge you, however, the only person who can make your life what you dream it to be is you.  I went from homeless to 3 bedroom house while extremely cranky and broke, (no one said you weren't allowed to cry) but I freaking did it and with a lot of help from a computer and sometimes just a phone with wifi at Mcdonalds 

Hey maybe computers aren't for you maybe it's a blog or something in the entertainment industry, either way, I can help you with both I have a site for that literally,

I have always wanted to give people who felt hopeless the actual road map to how I have escaped so much in my life ad this is my attempt at trying to share a secret, I am not lucky I am just stubborn and refuse to ever think I cannot achieve something or give up. I do cry though like every day. 

I have no idea why anyone listens to me talk this long just like CLICK this and check out the Web hosting site. There's a whole team of people ready to assist you so you don't even have to talk to me call customer service.

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