The Internet Wins Again @Eugenia_Cooney Will Not Sit And Spin On YouNow

OMFG!!!! I do not even want to relive yesterday and the absurdity of being harassed for 12 hours on Twitter for getting a 22-year-old Youtube personality to stop allowing pervy men to get her to do disgusting things in front of children so I will not!!!! 

If you want to know the back story click HERE Other than that the pervs can save up their disability checks and start paying the chicks on camgirl sites where no children are present to get their fix. Honestly, anyone who is upset that this girl is doing the right thing is just mad because they were obviously enjoying the free show. 

Just saying so check out the video and see sweet Eugenia Cooney do the right thing and address the scandal 

Someone made a RIP Sit and Spin video. LOL the internet always wins. 

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