Yucca Valley Elementary Forces kids To Ride With Pervert

A mother found herself in distress earlier this week when a bus driver singled out her child and refused to allow the child off the bus after the mother who showed up on time informed the driver that she did not feel comfortable as there was no other children on the bus and it takes a few seconds to open a door.

The bus driver then taunted the black woman by driving around the block 3 times and when he stopped again she informed him she had called the police and he would need to wait for them. The male white bus driver then drove off with the child screaming for his mother.

The Yucca Valley Sheriff department was then notified that the bus driver had taken the child to the school without notifying the mother. The child is said to have said the bus driver was saying inappropriate things to the child which the school is choosing to brush off

It's truly sad in a day where we know dangerous individuals only show warning signs until it's too late and even more shameful that a school.district would gamble with other people's children this way.

No parent should ever have to call the police to retrieve their child and when a child says an adult is not safe and a parent is being ignored when telling the district they have a dangerous individual in charge of children the future of something bad happening is inevitable. Let's hope the school wakes up before someone gets hurt or sued. Judges usually favor a distraught mom over an incompetent school district.

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